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Premium organic Texas-raised beef

From our organic farming operation to low-stress pastures and responsible ranching, our families sustainably raise only the finest organic beef available.

USDA Certified Organic Beef

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Texas born. Ranch raised.

Premium Organic Beef

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Traceable. Pure. Low stress.

Organic Farming & Ranching

Our Cattle
Land, Practices, and Families With a Legacy

About Ribbonwire Ranch

About Us

Texas Organic Beef

Premium Organic Beef From The Native Pastures of Texas.

We simply produce better, more flavorful beef with complete traceability. And no added hormones or antibiotics. Ever.

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Organic Cattle

Why Ribbonwire Ranch Organic Beef?

From our historic pastures in the panhandle of Texas, our family-run operation takes pride in producing premium, organic beef that’s carefully raised, from birth to finish.

  • No antibiotics. No GMO’s. Ever.
  • Complete traceability every step of the way.
  • Raised in a humane, low-stress environment.

XIT Ranch Brand

The Highest Standards

We’re passionate about our land, family, animals, and natural resources. And we care more about quality than quantity. Our goal is to produce the best organic beef available, period. When you buy organic beef branded from Ribbonwire Ranch, you’re buying directly from a real, hands-on family that works and oversees every aspect of our operation so you can feel great about what you eat.

Ribbonwire is a type of barbed wire dating back to 1885 that is unique only to the XIT Ranch and is still found on our ranch today.

Organic Grass-fed Brisket

Grain-finished Organic Beef

The Secret’s in the Finish

Our cattle are finished on a ration of organic feed in which every ingredient is grown right here on our ranch. It’s a process unique to Ribbonwire that produces vastly better beef.

  • Better flavor
  • More consistency
  • Every time

USDA Certified Organic Beef

Our beef is certified in all the right ways.

Native. Pure. Organic.

The term “organic” is reserved for certifiable pastures and feed that meet the strictest of standards. An extensive amount of time and commitment goes into raising certified organic cattle that are fed with organic feed on organic pastures. Although “all-natural” sounds just as healthy as organic, it is not. Organic is the most heavily regulated food system and is the only true “all-natural” food claim.

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What our customers are saying

My total go to beef now! WAY better than the store. And way healthier. I'm one who cares about what I eat. This is impressive beef.

Brookyln F.Boise, ID

Out of any options I've tried, this is by far better beef.

Jeff P.Santa Fe, NM

I ordered some steaks and they were PHENOMENAL! We love eating these.

Brandon K.Atlanta, GA

Great quality. So good!!! I will never buy from another store again.

Sarah F.Branson, MO

Enjoy healthier, better tasting, organic beef.

Experience the difference in our organic beef raised in all the right ways, No BS.