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USDA Certified Organic Beef

Our Cattle


No added hormones.

No antibiotics.

Complete traceability.

From the organic grain to our vast native pastures, we take incredible responsibility in the cattle we raise.

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The unique quality of our Organic Angus Beef starts with proven genetics, humane practices, and premium organic feed. We have a firm belief that cattle raised on native pastures and fed pure, organic feed from the same land will consistently produce higher quality, healthier, more flavorful beef. This results in beef that consistently grades at the highest possible rating, including USDA prime.

Cattle Ranch Texas

Complete traceability

From birth to finish, Ribbonwire’s cattle never leave the ranch which offers complete traceability. Every aspect is personally overseen by our team. Our herds are raised humanely on truly native pastures and are finished with organic grain grown right here on our ranch. This natural environment, operation, and process provide the ideal opportunity to produce beef with better characteristics. When you provide a better environment, keep stress low, provide humane care, there is rarely a need for intervention.

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Grass-fed and Grain-finished

Beef that is solely grass-fed leaves something to be desired in terms of consistency and flavor. Grain finishing is a crucial stage in developing our cattle that gives our beef a vastly better flavor on a consistent basis. Finishing our cattle on organic grains is unique to Ribbonwire and the reason we can confidently claim the superiority of what we produce. This is organic beef at its best!

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Best Cattle Genetics

Superior Genetics

In an industry pushed by pounds, profit, and volume, the use of added hormones, medicated- and genetically-modified feeds are a significant part of the US beef supply. We have taken a different approach. We have worked with industry leaders to improve the genetics of our cattle with quality and consistency at the forefront of what we offer. With help from Texas Tech University’s Meat Science Lab and Dr. Marcus Miller of Chiefline Red Angus, we have introduced proven genetics into our operation to bring our organic beef to the highest level of quality without sacrificing our vision of truly organic beef.
Texas Tech University Meat Sciences

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Enjoy healthier, better tasting, organic beef.

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