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About Ribbonwire Ranch


Texas born.

Ranch raised.

Sustainably minded.

We’re a family-owned and -operated ranch located in the majestic panhandle of Texas. We believe in raising and providing organic beef in the most sustainable, most humane way possible.

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Ribbonwire Ranch Families
Ribbonwire Ranch is a family-owned and -operated ranch situated on the northern part of the legendary XIT Ranch, a former cattle ranch in the Texas Panhandle dating back to 1885. Today, it’s pastures still grow as wild and native as they did 140 years ago. Our farming operation, which is located in the center of our ranch, operates on the same principles of yesterday as it is used to grow organic feed for our cattle, such as corn, alfalfa, and wheat for grazing during the winter months.
Ribbonwire Brand

The Ribbonwire Ranch brand is both unique and reminiscent of the storied XIT ranch.

XIT Ranch Beef

Ribbonwire Ranch is owned and operated by Doug Lathem and Chad Schoonover along with their wives and children. We are a true working cattle ranch guided by our deep roots in the past and a clear vision for the future. Land conservation, promoting animal health, and delivering truly impressive beef is at the forefront of our operation.

The location of the ranch is unique in the fact that the native grasses that grow in this region need no human interference to thrive. The relatively mild climate is an optimal location for a year-round cow-calf operation.

Rule No. 22

In addition to operating on a portion of the storied XIT Ranch, we also continue with those ethical standards. The XIT Ranch had 23 rules. Rule number 22 stated that the aim of the ranch was “sterling honesty and integrity,” which is at the core of how we respect and protect the natural resources on our ranch and the cattle and crops we grow and raise.

Beef Ranch Texas

Our Ranch

Ribbonwire Ranch Landscape

Our ranch is situated in the spacious, pristine, northern portion of the Texas panhandle. It sits on what was a northern portion of the historic XIT Ranch. From the breathtaking views to its natural resources, we farm and ranch every acre with a real respect for the land and the generations to come that will carefully harvest provisions from inside its fences.

Enjoy healthier, better tasting, organic beef.

Experience the difference in our organic beef raised in all the right ways, No BS.