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It’s Time To Try a New Kind of Beef Snack

Ribbonwire Ranch beef sticks are a one-of-a-kind snacking experience. They’re delicious, nutritious and created with quality in mind. Our ranch is a family-owned and operated Texas company providing quality organic beef.

When choosing the right high-protein snack for you and your family, your main focus should always be on the quality. At Ribbonwire Ranch, we make convenient, tasty beef sticks using only the best ingredients. Our beef comes from cattle that are fed only the best, giving the highest quality to all our products. 

Exploring the Savory World of Beef Sticks? Try All Three Flavors 

You can find Ribbonwire Ranch beef sticks in three different flavor varieties. These flavors include jalapeno cheese, pepper jack and original beef sticks. When you bite into the jalapeno variety, you’ll see fresh peppers that we carefully add for authentic taste and a bit of spice. We add only the best pepper jack and cheddar cheeses to the flavored varieties. Plus, all of our meat is seasoned with high-quality spice blends that lead to consistent five-star reviews. 

When it comes down to it, our snack sticks are perfect for anyone that likes beef. In fact, you won’t find any additives or hidden ingredients in a single one of our beef sticks. 

Our snack sticks are also very low in carbs and completely sugar-free, which means they’re keto-friendly. Additionally, the beef comes from cattle that have never encountered a single antibiotic or hormone throughout their lifetimes. With all of these benefits, there’s less for you to worry about and more time to enjoy the flavorful snack.    

Is the Beef Sustainably Raised?  

Ribbonwire Ranch products are not just great for you; they’re good for the environment too. All our cattle are CARE certified, meaning animal welfare guidelines are strictly followed. Our farm and ranch is regularly audited to ensure continued quality, and all of the feed is grown sustainably organic. Our farmers use regenerative agricultural techniques to preserve the land that has fed cattle for more than 140 years. These methods ensure that we’ll be able to keep creating all your favorite beef products for generations to come. 

If you want to try our delicious beef sticks, place an order online, and your newest favorite snack will be delivered right to your door. Adoring reviewers highlight the texture, flavor and overall quality of beef. They’re a fantastic source of lean protein and a great snack for all ages. 

So, anyone looking for a high protein snack to satisfy their taste buds, and keep them energized on the go, needs to try Ribbonwire Ranch beef sticks. With a variety of flavors to choose from, we have a flavor that will satisfy anyone. And, if you’re a true beef lover, you just might need to try them all. Check out our shop so you can order the unparalleled Ribbonwire Ranch beef sticks today.