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Anybody can order and enjoy a filet mignon, and it’s renowned for good reason. But only true beef lovers will know about these hidden gems. These four grass-fed beef cuts are completely underrated. Have you tried them all?

Flat Iron Steak

Taken from the chuck primal, a flat iron steak will definitely be one of your new favorites. Chuck is a massive beef cut that comes from a steer’s shoulder, neck, ribs, and upper arm. Most parts of the cut are high in fat and connective tissue, resulting in notoriously tough meat that requires a long cook time. 

But the flat iron cut is a diamond in the rough. It’s taken from the top blade muscle of the shoulder, giving it another name, Top Blade Steak. It takes delicate expertise from the butchers. The flat iron is cut away from the connective tissue in one piece. What results is the second most tender cut of beef. Only filet mignon has a more tender bite, though the renowned cut will cost you twice as much as a flat iron. Lavish your taste buds while saving money with this more obscure delicacy.

What It’s Like

Besides being extremely tender, flat iron steak has a rich, beefy flavor characteristic of the chuck primal. The fat is delicately marbled, and the high moisture content results in a succulent texture. 

On the Flame

Due to its rich flavor and delicate texture, a flat iron steak works well in a range of recipes. Sauteed up for fajitas or seared in a pan are delightful. But to truly embrace the luxury of the cut, grill it to medium-rare perfection.


Another secret cut from the chuck primal is the Denver steak. It comes from the “serratus ventralis” muscle beneath the chuck eye steak under the should blade. Unlike most of the muscles on the chuck, this muscle is underused and more tender than other shoulder parts. With a bit of pounding from a meat mallet, it can be more tenderized since it doesn’t have any bones.

What It’s Like

Dever steak has the beef flavor of the chuck and is pretty tender. Buying your Denver cut from a reputable butcher will ensure that it’s been sliced and trimmed properly to give you the best flavor and texture. As long as it’s properly cooked, Denver steak will be very juicy and delicious.

On the Flame

You can never go wrong grilling a Denver steak. Searing and broiling work well too, but for any method, high heat is key; typically sliced thin and served in sandwiches.

Bavette (Sirloin Flap)

For true beef fans, you need to know about Bavette steak. It flies under the radar for most Americans and is more popular in Asia, Latin America, and France. Also called the sirloin flap or flap steak, it is cut from the bottom sirloin near the flank. The muscle doesn’t get much use and provides a tender cut. 

What It’s Like

This leaner cut has a pronounced grain. For a butcher, it’s critical to cut against the grain for the best mouth feel. The steak is flavorful and tender.